ScribeSense is the only company in education that can auto-grade handwritten assignments from plain paper. We can handle all types of responses. If you can fill out an answer key, we can grade it!

How It Works



Scan all students’ tests at your school’s copier and save the file as a PDF.


Upload the PDF file to our secure website.


Receive results directly in your inbox within a few hours.

Our Numbers


Open-ended Responses

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4 - 5

Hours saved per week


2 Million +

Assessments graded

Beyond Multiple Choice


Student Portfolios

Every assignment scanned gets filed into a student profile. This content travels with the student year after year.


Gradebook Sync

Download our simple CSV file and import all your grades into your grade book in seconds.


Written Responses

We auto grade handwritten, short responses. You don't need multiple choice to be your only source of student data!


Data Visualization

Our dashboard displays student data from a variety of assessments, providing unique insights into student progress.

What Others Are Saying About Us



ScribeSense played a big role in our success in ELA this year. We were able to track our weekly quizzes and receive instant data... to plan interventions immediately.

- Kemi Moyede, ELA Instructional Coach

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